Aluminium Tilt and Turn Window

The high resistance to the elements, rust, corrosion and considerable tensile strength all make aluminium a desirable window construction material. Combine these factors with a stylish and functional window design, the tilt and turn window, and the result is an elegant window fit for any contemporary home.
Aluminium tilt and turn windows have a low profile frame, meaning you have more of the transparent stuff than other frame choices. Your rooms will enjoy more light and the sleek and crisp lines add to the design, both interior and exterior. The other benefits of installing aluminium tilt and turn windows are:

  • Aluminium is long lasting and so you never have to worry about replacing your windows for a very long time.
  • Although they cost more initially than other material choices, the windows are maintenance free and easily recyclable when they reach the end of their life.
  • Protective powder coating is available in over 200 colours. Just imagine the stream of design possibilities open to you with such an extensive colour palette to choose from.
  • Polyester powder coating will not flake or fade with exposure to the elements contributing to the longevity of your aluminium tilt and turn windows.

Enjoy more of the outside views with aluminium tilt and turn windows. The low profile frame means your window looks just like a plate of glass on the wall. Suitable for any modern development, aluminium fits right in with the decor of your choice. Don’t let your window dictate your decor choice, select aluminium tilt and turn windows for their design flexibility.


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