Side Hinged Garage Doors

You will find side hinged garage doors on traditional style garages where there is a need to maintain a traditional appearance to the property. They are simple in operation and require very little in mechanical moving parts apart from the hinges. The simplicity of the doors makes them maintenance-free, apart from oiling the hinges to ensure smooth operation.

There are countless style options available, including period inspired designs as well as the option to have vision panels installed in the top sections of the doors. The side hinged garage doors are ideal when the garage is not normally used to house a vehicle because there is no need to open the entire door to gain access.

The disadvantages, however, are that you require space on the outside when the door open. This means you can’t park a vehicle right up to the doors if you need to gain access regular access to the garage. Remote control of the side hinged doors is achievable with this garage door type. Design options include 50/50 double leaf doors or a ⅓ and ⅔ split where the smaller door is used mostly for pedestrian traffic. Select this door type if you are going to convert your garage into a home gym, utility room or another purpose besides storing a vehicle.


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