Aluminium Bifold Doors

Our made-to measure bifold doors create an energy-efficient and pleasant environment combining the outdoors with your internal living space. On the warm summer days, open up the bifold doors to let the conservatory or extension warm up to the natural temperatures outside. Selecting aluminium bifold doors allows you create a distraction-free space, unencumbered by large frames and lets in a large amount of daylight.

The slim profile of aluminium frames comes in 200 colours and you can choose to have two different colours, one for the inside and a different colour for the outside. There are several configuration options available allowing you to create a bespoke living space, with anything between two and seven door panels, depending on the size of your conservatory opening.


Trickle vents can be provided to improve internal space ventilation as well as protect the frames from the effects of condensation. The other benefits of aluminium bi-folding doors are:

  • Slim profile frames maximise light into your room.
  • Top and bottom rollers make it easy to open and close the doors.
  • Double glazing, as standard, improves the thermal performance of your bifold doors, keeping your space warm and reducing heat loss.

Aluminium is a high durability material which means your bifold doors will last for many years. The powder coating which gives you different colour options also protects the aluminium from corrosion and it is also easy to clean. Whatever material you choose for your bifold doors, you will enjoy the amounts of light the glass lets in as well as the fresh air when you have the doors open.

aluminium bi fold doors


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