Up and Over Garage Doors

The up and over garage doors are one of the most commonly used garage doors in the UK today. It is a simple, single piece door design, easy to install and operate and requires little maintenance. An up and over garage door requires a sub-frame, which is fixed to the door opening and will support the door and the operating mechanism. There are two variations to the up and over garage door, namely:

  • Canopy up and over.
  • Retractable up and over.

The canopy up and over garage door is the most common variation and is so named because the opening mechanism takes the door up and over your head, where the door rests, forming a “canopy”. The advantages of this variation are the ease of installation as well as maximum drive-through width. This is a manual door and can be converted but at a cost. Not suitable if you want an automatic operation.

The retractable up and over garage door has a frame installed overhead in the garage. When open, the door fully retracts into the garage space. The drive through width is reduced, as well as the need for overhead space for installation.


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