Timber Patio Doors

Our Patio doors are stylish but with the added element of Timber, they now become timeless. Sourced from environmentally friendly producers, our Timber patio doors are long-lasting and guaranteed to bring that authentic dash to any home.

  • Variety-our timber Patio doors are available in a wide range of selected shapes, sizes and colours.
  • Secure-Our A-rated locks come as a standard on all our doors. These include shoot-bolt and key lock amongst others.
  • Energy-efficient- Made with specialised material for advanced heat retention, they even help reduce your heating bill
  • Durable- Made from strengthened Aluminium hence they are guaranteed to last.
  • Insect-retention- with their increased insulation, our Patio doors will make sure you keep in touch with the natural world without allowing annoying bugs and insects to enter your home.

Make your Timber doors as unique as you want them to be. Allow your creative side to flourish by choosing the colour, shape and size of your choice.

To make your choice easier, we will send one of our specialists to visit your home and get your specific desired door type, style and colour. Our designer will guide you through which door type is perfect for you and your home. Thereafter, our craftsmen will then design your door according to your specific needs and give you an accurate quote.


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