Timber Doors

For that timeless, traditional and warm look, nothing beats timber doors. Great skill and craftsmanship go into creating the perfect entrance door, whether it’s for your front or back door. A variety of design and styling options are available when you work with timber, and so are the types of wood used. The construction methods for wooden doors also differ and you can choose from solid hardwood, softwood or compressed laminated plywood layers.

Natural hardwood is amazing for traditional houses. If you would like to use timber for a contemporary home, there are dozens of colour options you can choose from. As well as being sturdy in construction, timber doors are also hard wearing. When installed professionally and properly weatherproofed, timber entrance doors are long-lasting and require little maintenance.
Some of the benefits you will enjoy if you choose timber entrance doors are:

  • Safe and secure home due to their solid and sturdy construction.
  • Being great insulators timber resists thermal effects and locks in the heat inside your home, keeping heating bills down.
  • Change the look of your wooden doors when you decorate with a coat of paint of your choice, no need to replace doors for a very long time.
  • Long life and durable if the best quality timber is used to make the doors.

Give your home the enviable traditional look with a set of timber doors. Customise them to look exactly how you want with a variety of styles, colours and features like door knockers and letterbox.


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