BiFold Doors

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Bifold Doors

Invite the outdoors right into your home with sets of bifold doors. Be amazed as your home and the outside transform into one seamless space and your kitchen or living room becomes as one with the outside world


Open up your living space and extend your kitchen or lounge right into the garden with a set of bifold doors. Choose the long lasting aluminium, easy to clean and elegant bi-folding doors and add a touch of class to your home.

Bifold or bi-folding doors are a set of doors designed to slide open “concertina” style and take up as little room as possible when open. They are usually glass-fronted creating a panoramic view from your home into your gardens while creating an invisible barrier between the inside and out when closed. When they slide open, the barrier vanishes and your home and the outdoors become a single entity. Depending on the number of panels in your door, you have the option of opening just a single panel or the entire set.

The key benefits of bifold doors include the following:

  • They offer excellent views into your garden when closed allowing you to enjoy the beauty outside in the comfort of your home.
  • Offer flexible use of space all year round.
  • Open up the doors in the summer to enjoy the fresh air and warmth from the summer sunshine.
  • Enjoy increased security due to the advanced locking systems provided with every panel of the door system.

A range of configuration options, choice of materials, a variety of colours and textures allow you to match or contrast your existing external colours and textures. Choose from uPVC, aluminium or timber bifold doors to create a space you and your family will enjoy for years to come.