Composite Doors

Composite doors are a big competitor with uPVC for making doors as they are both synthetic material. Composite doors are made out of several materials which makes them considerably stronger than uPVC and so from a security point of view, does a better job.

Also, the customisation options are broader for composite and you can achieve looks similar to hardwood if you opt for the wood effect versions.
Composite doors are usually made of a wood or insulation core and then have GRP panels fixed to the outside. Each of the materials in the composite plays a particular role. This offers several advantages which include:

  • Wood is an amazing insulator and so eliminates heat loss through the door surface.
  • Composite, since it’s composed of a number of materials, has greater tensile strength compared to wood and uPVC which increases security.
  • Unlike wooden doors, composite doors are more weatherproof and will not absorb moisture and warp.
  • They are easy to clean and required little maintenance saving you time and repair costs.

Composite doors commonly cost slightly more than uPVC, but the benefits you will enjoy from having them in your front or back entrance are well worth it.


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