Casement Windows

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Casement Windows

Whether your home is a traditional cottage, simple bungalow or contemporary semi-detached house, casement windows will let maximum light in while adding style and class to your living spaces.


Enjoy an unencumbered view of the outside with low sight line casement windows. Available in three primary materials, select from wooden, aluminium and uPVC frames and start enjoying the benefits of natural light security today.

Casement windows are the most popular and common window style in use in the UK. The reason is simple; the simplicity of the casement window makes it very functional and easy to use. The traditional construction material for casement window frames is timber, and the process not dissimilar to constructing a door frame. Rectangular or square in shape, two vertical members (known as jambs in the window industry) join the head member at the top and the window sill at the bottom. There are two ways of hanging a casement window:

  • Side hanging.
  • Top hanging.

Both top and side hung casement windows are traditionally attached with high-performance friction stay hinge although other optional methods include “easy-clean” and egress extension hinges. The easy clean hinges improve access to the external surface of the glass from inside when cleaning, hence the name.

Enjoy the benefits of casement windows, including maximum light and ease of operation, high security and virtually maintenance free by choosing your preferred casement material from wood, uPVC or aluminium. Select the window material to suit your personal tastes or styling needs and also the simplicity and security casement windows bring to your home.