Sectional Garage Doors

A garage door type whose popularity continues to grow, the sectional garage door is a favourite of many homeowners. If you are looking for a practical, safe, secure and easy to use garage door, sectional garage doors tick all these boxes. The garage door is made out of horizontal sections, joined together to form the curtain. The name sectional comes from the fact that as the door operates, it does so in separate sections. It is similar to the roller door in that it operates vertically with no outward swing, and therefore does not require any space on the outside.

Sectional doors are available in timber of different types including Oak, Cedarwood plus much more. The doors can also be insulated, which is ideal if you are going to use the garage as a home gym or another function which requires it to be comfortable. Other construction material include:

  • Steel (Galvanised)
  • Timber (hardwood or softwood)
  • Aluminium (limited designs)
  • GRP (fibreglass)

When open, the sectional garage door provides the entire drive through width because the installation does not encroach on door width. This feature is of great importance if you drive an extra wide vehicle.

With a selection of construction material available, the sectional garage offers a wider range of personalisation options when it comes to colours. Benefit from the durability of the material and the no hassle operation, whether you opt for manual or electric operation.


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