Wooden Sash Windows

Britain is awash with Georgian and Victorian era properties, one of their most elegant and standout features being their timber sliding sash windows. Wood, being a natural material is easy to customise to suit personal tastes, as well as having the ability to blend in with a variety of decors. Wooden sash windows are the ideal choice if you are restoring a Victorian or Georgian home and would like to retain the authentic, traditional look. The difference between traditional and modern wooden sash windows being precision engineering and efficient glazing options.
Combine the versatility of wood with skilled craft skills and the result is a beautiful window that will add value to your home as well as serving its function of letting the daylight in. The benefits of wooden sash windows include the following:

  • They are available in a choice of window configurations.
  • B-rated glass is standard with triple glazing as an optional extra.
  • Smooth opening windows which eliminate draught when closed.
  • Silent windows with improved soundproof capabilities.
  • Enhanced security features including shoot-bolt locks and key locking handle.
  • Wood is a natural insulator so your sash windows have improved heat retention.

Select softwood or hardwood and enhance your windows with the available extras including a range of colours that will help make your windows fit right in with your interior and exterior colour scheme.


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