Tilt and Turn

Windows in Dorset
Tilt and Turn Windows

Get the most of your house's striking views with a customisable range of tilt and turn windows to suit any modern home. The added advantage, additional ventilation for the summer months.


Contemporary and traditional homes alike will benefit from tilt and turn windows. Enjoy bright well-ventilated rooms with easy to operate, maintain and clean tilt and turn windows.

When you choose tilt and turn windows for your home, you are getting double the benefits when compared to standard sash windows. Tilt and turn windows have a dual function, capable of operating on two axes. Firstly, the tilt function allows one of the sashes to open inwards, at an angle. This is great for ventilation, especially during the warm summer months. The turn function, on the other hand, allows the window to operate just like a standard side-hung sash window but opens inwards. You’ll use the tilt function for ventilation, and the inwards opening operation for safe cleaning.

Available in the durable uPVC material as well as the traditional, timeless timber tilt and turn windows, you have a wealth of choice available to you. Whether you are seeking a window to complement your existing decor or looking to contrast it, the colour ranges and textures available makes this possible. You can adjust how far the window tilts into the room, making them ideal for children’s rooms where the tilt can be restricted for safety purposes.

If aesthetics are important then with tilt and turn windows, you can keep them spick and span without having to get to the glass from the outside. Just as above, simply tilt for ventilation, turn the window to open it inwards for cleaning.