Patio and Balcony Awnings

We offer a wide range of innovative German engineered  awnings, that cover every type of budget and scenario to ensure your property gets the best shade possible.

To match the quality of the mechanisms, the fabric covers are made from advanced textiles with UV block, dirt resistant and water proof to ensure your awning stands the test of time.

Full Cassette Awnings

Folding-arm Full cassette awnings completely encase the working parts of the shade including the roller, material, and complete arm system.

This means your awning is protected inside the case for all the elements when not in use.

Semi Cassette Awnings

Folding-arm semi cassette awnings are not too dissimilar from the full cassette awning. The shade and arm system are protected from the elements from above and the sides, to prevent debris and rain entering from the top, with the bottom remaining open.

This provides adequate protection from most situations the awning comes up against.

Open Awnings

Open awnings as the name suggests are not enclosed like their cassette counterparts. As such are best suited to patios and balconies that are in an enclosed area or sit below the overhang of the building to offer protection from the elements.

We do offer a coverboard accessory to offer protection from the rain above, but speak to our experts who can advise you on the right awning for its intended location.

Stretch Awnings

Stretch awnings as the suggests offer greater projection in relation to its width. Specially designed with long narrow garden in mind, this awnings offer the perfect solution for this house type ensuring the area you need shaded is covered.


We offering a ange of awning accessories to help you enjoy your awning throughout the year.

From infrared heating, beautiful LED lighting, rain sensors and drop valance are just some of the optional extras available.

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