The first conservatories first appeared in the 16th Century, an architectural marvel at the time. The Edwardian and Elizabethan styles are still as popular today as they were then. While the main construction material during those eras was timber, modern conservatories are made from either timber or uPVC or aluminium.

Although there is a variety of designs and styles to choose from when considering having a conservatory installed, there are several construction materials to choose from, uPVC, aluminium or timber. Extra options are also available which include the following:

  • HighHigh-performance for enhanced energy performance.
  • Precision engineered roofing systems to reduce heat retention.
  • Heating and electrics.
  • Various colour options.
  • Solid, insulated bases to improve insulation and keep the conservatory warm in winter.
  • Selection of finishing touches including trims patterned and stained glass.

Whatever style you settle on, you can rest assured your conservatory is designed, manufactured and installed by experts with years of experience under their belts.


Below are the six most common conservatory designs you can choose from:



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